Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspiring Me Now: The Perou Edition

Have you been watching this season of Make Me A Supermodel? Damn right, you have! And have you found yourself screaming "JONATHAN FOR THE WIN!" at every judging, particularly when he is shirtless?

Ah, but I am easily distracted. This post is not about Jonathan!
It is about another man.
Another British man.
A man often described as “the scary judge”.

A man named Perou.

Image Hosted by

I knew I liked him as soon as I saw those damn sunglasses.

In case you are not familiar, Perou is a talented photographer with shaved head and a deep Sussex growl that makes my toes curl (you know... in a good way). He has yet to be seen without sunglasses and approximately three pounds of finger jewelry, and cuts a fine silhouette in tailored suits and aggressive marching band jackets. His ensembles are, without exception, more interesting and inspiring than anything sent down the MMAS runway.

How can I not be fascinated by someone who wears (in public) a black jumpsuit with a front pocket that says “I Like To Watch”? How can I not envy a man who sometimes appears to have stolen a jacket off the back of a reggae marching band’s drum major?

(I am also deeply gratified by the fact that he seems to hate everyone on the show that I hate... I'm looking at you, Gabriel Von Fishface. His two-week absence left the remaining judges flailing in the deep waters of their own incompetence and sending home random, undeserving models while horrible Amanda somehow remained unscathed. But since his gratifying return last night, all wrongs have been righted. RIGHTED!!!)

Perou, you are Inspiring Me Now™. Despite several of my significant material differences from you (being female instead of male, having long blond hair and not a shaved head, the notable absence of many aforementioned items of awesome clothing in my wardrobe, etc), I believe that our tastes do, indeed, overlap. I have attempted to find some awesome girl attire that gives a nod to your aesthetic while complementing my own. The results, below:

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Martin Margiela L’incognito Sunglasses

$410 at

Image Hosted by
Wide Mixed Chain Bracelets (one for each wrist)
$34 each at Urban Outfitters

Image Hosted by
Rag & Bone Boyfriend Jacket
$632 at Browns

Image Hosted by
3.1 Philip Lim Frogged Waistcoat

$580 at

Image Hosted by
Rick Owens
Mesh Jacket with Hood
$436 at Browns

The best part is that I suspect many of his own choices (particularly the band jackets) are vintage, and so I feel no obligation to pine for a specific item of designer clothing when there are
similar gems floating around the vintage universe, waiting to be discovered.

So bien joué, Perou, for experimenting and having fun with clothing, and for achieving that inimitable subset of personal style where the "look" you have works better on you than anyone else.