Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impossible Desires: Net-a-Porter.com

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Here are some of my latest Impossible Desires. Imagine that these clothes and I are pictured together, locked in embrace, on the cover of a hideously written romance novel about my insatiable lust for sartorial conquest.

For some reason, seeing the sequins and stripes and bright red silk together reminds me of a circus, which is strange, because I hate the circus. Frightening face painting, inferior starchy popcorn, terrible terrible oompa music that haunts my every nightmare...

Question one: is my unconscious mind trying to tell me that the time has come for me to join the circus, perhaps as an exceptionally well-dressed fire eater/bowling-pin juggler?

And (more important) question two: who has $4,085 dollars to give me?

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Sequined Blazer, $795 - details
2. La Perla Venus Allure Bra, $240 - details
3. Miu Miu Stripe Drape Dress, $1,270 - details
4. Miu Miu Satin V-Neck Top, $580 - details
5. La Perla Venus Allure Lace Shorts, $205 - details
6. Stella McCartney Mesh Basket Sandals, $995 - details