Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farewell, Favorite Season

Considering that the thermostat hit 90 degrees today... I think the time has finally come for me to admit that winter is over. My wool scarves and I just can't fake it anymore.

So, l'hiver, my frosty lover - I big you adieu with two of my favorite models, looking all fiiiiine in their cold-weather clothes:

If I were Anja, I'd call this look: nun-with-hot-legs-in-a-man's-overcoat-chic. Hey summer - do you think that Anja or myself can pull off this kind of sexiness when it's ninety damn degrees outside? Not a chance. Think of the nuns, summer! Think of me and Anja and the nuns!

Doesn't Maryna look snugly? But also like she's going to kick your ass? This reminds me of a tough little alley cat. You want to pick her up and schnoogle her face off... except you don't, because she'd go all scratchtastic on your eyeballs. Also, props on the layering.

Oh, layering!
As the heat rolls in, I'll miss you most of all.