Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's My Blog, And I'll Faux If I Want To

This issue is going to come up eventually, so I'm bringing the hammer down now to keep things simple:

This will be a cruelty-free blog. There is no fur and no leather in my closet. It's an individual decision - I'm not trying to thrust my opinion on any readers. But this is my blog, right? So I suppose it's like saying, "Don't smoke in my bedroom," or "Don't bring clowns to any of my parties, because I am a coulrophobiac."

And you know what? I really am a coulrophobiac. So this will be a clown-free blog, as well.

But why, you might ask? (about the fur, not the clowns)

I do not think it is inherently morally worn to kill or eat animals - I think it is wrong to do so when doing so is unnecessary. For me, it is unnecessary. It seems simple, n'cest pas? It is not difficult to eat wonderful food and wear beautiful clothes without causing pain, doing damage, taking away life - it is a small choice that can be made every day, by anyone.

If I'm posting an item of clothing or accessory that is currently for sale, it will be cruelty free. As for editorials, runway shots, and street style - those images are for purposes of inspiration, and can be reinterpreted using faux fur and faux leather products. By posting them, I am not financially supporting fur or leather production.

So that’s that!

Please take advantage of my email if you have questions or responses of any kind - I'd love to read them.