Friday, April 17, 2009

Ah, Love

Apparently, the upcoming issue of US Vogue will feature a six page spread of models and their boyfriends/lovers/men of honor. All the photos can be found here.

Apart from the Cheese Factor™, is it wrong for me to say that these men are nothing to write home about? I mean, it's not as though any one of them is a grotesque swamp monster, but let's be serious... these girls are the business. THE BUSINESS. You cannot tell me this is the best they can do.

I know that I'm being nasty.
And relationships aren't all about looks.
And you can't judge a book by it's cover.

But please look at Chanel Iman, and then look at here boyfriend. THEN, imagine that YOU look like Chanel Iman, and honestly tell me that you wouldn't be trolling for bigger fish (literally and figuratively - dude is short).

There is one exception:

Anna Jagodzinska and Duncan Winecoff. Well done, Anna. I'd hit that.

Then, there's Doutzen. Her boyfriend has undeniably great hair and a very charming smile... sadly, I hardly noticed because I was too busy yakking over her mini interview:

More than a year after a first date at Nobu, they're still a pair. He recently surprised her with a long, flowing Diane von Furstenberg dress. But she's just as comfortable in his sweaters. "Especially Ralph Lauren. The other day, I bought him one - for me!"

I personally love when people buy me presents that are actually for themselves. Seriously, who does that?


All photos (hot and otherwise) © Vogue Magazine